Ceiling, Floor, and Wall Cleaning

Ceilings and Walls

Ceiling and wall cleaning should be part of the cleaning maintenance of your home or business. You should also clean walls before painting so that the primer and paint can adhere properly. Whether you are preparing to paint or just looking for professional cleaning, SERVPRO of Denver West can help.

Our professional service team and industry-leading equipment are designed to clean and restore floors, ceilings and walls of virtually any and all dirt, grease, mold, dust, smoke, and more. Even if your home or business has years of caked-on dirt and stains, we can restore it to its original appearance.

A thorough cleaning of your home or business' walls, ceiling and floors not only restores them to their original clean state, but also offers secondary benefits. for example, because these areas can harbor massive amounts of dirt, dust, and debris, removing these will result in better air quality in the home. Much like duct cleaning prevents the spread of allergens and dander by way of your air ducts, a full cleaning of every surface prevents those same dirt particles from circulating around your home.

Another advantage of this method is that it allows natural light to better flow throughout the home, and can even increase light levels that were previously darkened by an excess of dirt or dust.

When you're ready to give your ceilings, walls, and flooring a cleaning overhaul, contact SERVPRO of Denver West today!

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Hard Floors

Hard flooring, like hardwood and tile, is often used in today’s homes and commercial properties. At first glance, hard flooring appears to be easy to clean, maintain, and restore. However, these materials tend to have soil accumulate over time, and eventually you’ll need professional cleaning to remove this buildup.

We have specialized training in time-tested and industry-approved cleaning methods. Also, our proprietary cleaning system allows our Professionals to properly clean and restore your floor’s original beauty.